24 Alkaline-C
24 Alkaline-C

24 Alkaline-C

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The Powerful Vitamin-C is here!


Vitamin-C is a Mother of ALL Vitamins!

Benefits of 24 ALKALINE-C:

  • Strengthen your Immune System
  • Helps Treat Common Cold Symptoms
  • Natural Cure for Skin Problems
  • Helps Heal Wounds Faster
  • Protect Against Sickness caused by STRESS
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Lower the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Regulates Sugar Levels in Diabetics
  • Helps Cancer Treatment
  • May Reduce the Development of Neurological Disorders
  • Helps Reduce Breathlessness
  • Improves Asthma Symptoms
  • Helps Reduce Arthritis Symptoms
  • Reduces Risk of Cataracts
  • Helps Treat Tubercolosis
  • And many more
√ 100% Pure and Natural
√ Dissolves 5x faster for quicker absorption
√ Stays from 12 to 14 hours in the body
√ Neutralizes Acidity
√ Non-irritant to the Stomach
√ Maintains pH level at 7.5 to 7.8
√ Safe for Babies
√ Can be taken in Mega Dose for better and faster Health Result
√ 95% is Absorbed by the Body
√ Can be taken on an empty stomach
√ 12 to 14 hours of Anti-oxidant Protection.
√ Awarded as SUPERBRANDS

Other KINDS and BRANDS of Vitamin C:
  • Uses Binders or Fillers
  • Dissolves Slowly
  • Irritates Stomach
  • Not Advisable for Babies
  • Body can not tolerate more than 500mg a day
  • Only 25% is absorbed by the body
  • Reinforces Acidity

Choose the RIGHT, the most EFFECTIVE and the SAFEST Vitamin C for you and your Family!!


NO side effects, it is 100% Far More Better Than Any Other Vitamins C In The Market!