Jancarol Talcum Powder

Jancarol Talcum Powder

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Delicate perfumed Talc made from talcum powder.

A fresh and floral talcum powder is perfect for keeping the skin dry as it helps to absorb moisture. It helps to reduce skin irritation caused due to excessive seating in hot weather conditions.

  • Refreshing Floral Scent
  • Reduces Excessive Sweat
  • Prevents Bedsores
  • Prevents skin Irritation

This wonderful silky soft Jan Carol Perfumed Talcum Powder is a soothing body powder keeping skin feeling fresh and dry. The freshness and delicateness scent starts with beautiful and feminine fragrance that evokes a bouquet of delicate flowers. A floral heart of white jasmine, geranium and wild roses blooming with honey, bitter orange and vanilla, mixed with the sensuous sweetness of violet and lily of the valley, and carnation followed by the powdery heliotrope, pink sandalwood and musk to overwhelm the senses.