sekushi white plus juice
Sekushi White Plus Juice

Sekushi White Plus Juice

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Sekushi White Plus is a lemon powdered type of supplement that can easily dissolve in water. It contains premium grade of quality ingredients from japan. A refreshing way to whiten, slim down and take care of your beauty and heath everyday.

Health Benefits:
✔️Whitens and improve skin complexion
✔️Protects cells and boost immune system
✔️Reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and pigmentation
✔️Boost your energy and decreases your appetite
✔️Low in calories and high in fiber
✔️Lower blood sugar and cholesterol
✔️Helps to regulate and generate hormones and relieves the symptoms of menopause
✔️Fights cancer and prevent the need of chemotherapy
✔️Boost libido and increase sexual activity

Direction for use:

Dissolve content into 200ml of water. Stir and add ice. 1-2 times a daily
Recommendation: for better taste, dissolve the powder in 10ml of hot water before putting the 200ml of cold water, add more ice and add fresh lemon.

Main Ingredients:

Glutathione 250mg, Vitamin C 250mg, L-carnitine 250mg, Collagen 300mg

Other Ingredients: Moringa 75mg Green Barley 75mg Mangosteen 75mg, Acai Berry 75mg, Green Tea 75mg, Stevia 75mg.

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